What's New?

Watch and Record Live TV with Plex

Did you know that ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW are broadcast for free? With Plex on SHIELD, you can now watch and record free over-the-air TV in up to 1080 resolution with 5.1 surround sound - and stream recorded shows to any device, anywhere in the world*.

*Requires Plex Pass as well as TV tuner and antenna hardware.

Connect a USB Tuner for Plex Live TV

SHIELD TV now supports select USB tuners for Plex Live TV, including the dual tuner from Hauppauge (WinTV-dualHD-1595).

Write to Network Storage

Record TV shows and movies directly to your network attached storage (NAS) via Plex.

Enjoy the New Facebook Video App

Watch videos from friends and pages you follow or stream from Facebook Live.

Stream More Movies and TV Shows in 4K

Google Play Movies now supports over 100 movies in 4K resolution. Plus, with Chromecast 4K built-in, you can cast Netflix, Google Play Movies, YouTube, and VUDU from your phone to SHIELD in 4K.

New Apps:

New Games:

Other Enhancements

  • The latest monthly Android security updates
  • YouTube cast up to 4K 60fps
  • 5.1 surround audio when casting Netflix, Google Play Movies & TV, VUDU, HBO GO, and PLEX
  • Wi-Fi performance and stability improvements
  • Cast stability enhancements for HULU and playback stability enhancements for STARZ
  • Network storage directory and connectivity improvements
  • Improved battery life on SHIELD Remote with headphone jack
  • SHIELD Remote upgrade to firmware v1.11
  • SHIELD Remote with headphone jack upgrade to firmware v1.10
  • SHIELD Controller upgrade to firmware v1.04