How to Use SHIELD Camera

NVIDIA® SHIELD Camera™ is a powerful camera application with a simple user interface for adding memorable high-quality photos and videos that are easily shareable with your friends and family.


How to Open SHIELD Camera

  1. Tap All Apps .

  2. Tap SHIELD Camera .


Learn the SHIELD Camera Preview

When you launch SHIELD Camera, the first screen you see is the camera preview.

Main viewport

Focus tool - Tap on the subject you want to focus on.

Three-dot menu - Tap to open more camera mode options.  See below section for details.

Camera button - Tap this button to take a photo.



How to Take Photos

In the main preview, tap the camera button to take a photo.  Photos are automatically saved to SHIELD tablet and can be viewed by swiping left on the preview.  Photos are also saved to the Photos app on your SHIELD tablet.


Three-dot Menu in Detail

By opening the three-dot menu in the preview, you can manage a number of different camera functions.

Back / Front camera - Activates the Back / Front camera mode.  Default is Back camera.

Motion stabilization - Toggles motion stabilization.  OFF by default

Gridlines - Turns gridlines on and off.  OFF by default

Countdown timer - Enables a countdown timer for automated photo taking.  Possible timer vales are: 2, 5, and 10 seconds.  OFF by default

White balance - Enables a number of different filters: Sun, Tungsten, Fluorescent, and Cloudy.  Neutral by default.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) - Toggles High Dynamic Range mode.  OFF by default.

NoteNOTE Tap and hold any of the icons above to obtain help.


How to View Photos

You can view photos in SHIELD Camera by swiping to the left of the main preview.  To view more recent photos, continue swiping to the left.

The toolbar at the bottom of the photo viewer, from left to right, are the tools to Share, Edit, and Delete your photo.


Camera Modes

Swiping to the right on the main preview will open the camera modes menu.  The following modes are available:

Camera  - Switch to Camera mode.  This is the default mode.

Panorama - Switch to Panorama mode.

Slow Motion Video - Switch to Slow Motion Video mode.

Video Camera - Switch to Video Camera mode.

QR Code Scanner - Switch to QR Scanner mode.

Settings - Open general settings menu

NoteNOTE Tap and hold any of the icons above to obtain help.