How To Find Games and Gaming News

The SHIELD Hub makes it easy to find games that are optimized for your SHIELD device. Games are categorized by genre, controller support, release date, and other filters so that you can quickly find what you are looking for. Each game entry includes a brief description, rating, high-resolution screenshots and HD videos to help you make your choice.

How to Open the SHIELD Hub

Tap the SHIELD Hub icon .

How to View Gaming News

Stay up to date with the latest news in e-sports, exclusive interviews, game releases, contests, the game industry, and more.

  1. Open the SHIELD Hub.
  2. Tap NEWS.


How to View Your Installed Android Games

  1. Open the SHIELD Hub.
  2. Tap ANDROID GAMES. The Android games list opens.
  3. To open any game, tap the game icon.


How to Play PC Games from Your SHIELD Device

The SHIELD Hub lets you access and stream your library of PC games on your SHIELD device.

Note NOTE  Your PC must meet the GameStream system requirements and have the GeForce Experience app installed. For more information about PC setup and using GameStream, see GameStream System Requirements.

  1. Open the SHIELD Hub.
  2. Tap PC GAMES. The GameStream quick guide opens.
  3. Tap Get Started and follow the prompts.


How to Turn On or Turn Off SHIELD App Notifications

  1. Open the SHIELD Hub.
  2. Tap SETTINGS .
  3. Check / Uncheck to toggle notifications on and off.


How to Shop for SHIELD Devices and Accessories

  1. Open the SHIELD Hub.
  2. Tap SHOP.
  3. Tap SHIELD.